Independent with global reach

Unbiased and objective clinical trial feasibility and site identification solutions. Any indication. Anywhere in the world.


Expertise with an intelligent approach

Our extensive clinical trials experience across a breadth of therapeutic areas means we only ask the questions that matter to meet your unique requirements.


Specialists from every angle

Whatever the criteria, our flexible, tailored approach and scalable processes allow us to consistently deliver comprehensive outputs on time and on budget.

Your trusted partner

Centrical’s expertise and knowledge results from years of exclusively focusing on feasibility. We understand the complexities of clinical trials and what is required to make them a success. Our focus is to act as your trusted partner, delivering detailed feasibility when you need it most and connecting you with investigator sites across the globe.

Global reach, local expertise

Our systems and processes allow us to deliver feasibility assessments ranging from exploratory country data in your target indication through to detailed protocol feasibility and/or site identification.

Big data made easy

Asking the right questions then integrating and analysing the data to deliver the answers you need to make quick decisions.

Right place, right time

By choosing us you’ll get specialists in providing current, detailed and unbiased recommendations for the best Investigator sites, in the right locations to ensure your clinical trials are a success.



At Centrical our expertise is focused on clinical trial feasibility and site identification - and it’s all we do. We know that no two clinical trials are the same - so we listen, discuss and plan every assessment to match your unique requirements.

Investigator sites

We know the essential role Investigator sites play in the management of clinical trials. That’s why we build relationships with Investigator sites who are passionate about working in partnership with Pharma/Biotech companies to help them deliver successful clinical trials.

The bottom line

Individual feasibility design, user-friendly investigator questionnaires and tailored outputs for each trial all delivered with a focus on speed, quality and budget. That’s why our sponsors keep coming back to Centrical time after time.