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We understand the complex and unique challenges of each clinical trial. We’re here to help in the planning process by providing timely decision-grade protocol and investigator site information to enable studies to be engineered from the outset to meet their delivery objectives.

A personalised approach, every time

We’re 100% independent and base feasibility on today’s medical practice. We pride ourselves on our intelligent approach and believe that asking the right questions is key to getting the best data. Our comprehensive integration solutions mean we can seamlessly combine data relating to patient populations, study design, site and country variables and logistics, providing the clearest information and helping you make sense of the results. Our extensive network of investigator sites means we can efficiently identify the sites best positioned to support your trial objectives and we recognise interest from both investigators and patients underpins trial achievability.


Do you have an upcoming clinical trial where there are uncertainties or you need answers to specific questions?

A Centrical Feasibility Assessment can help

We know how to develop feasibility and what types of questions to ask of which individual. This allows us to focus on, for example, whether a particular patient population exists or which countries and sites are potentially capable of delivering results for a specific protocol. Be it global or single country, an indication or protocol specific project, the output of our assessment can be tailored to meet your needs.

Seamless array of options from exploratory assessments through to detailed site identification

Standalone or sequential assessments with integrated data

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Investigator sites

Interested and motivated investigator sites are critical when it comes to delivering successful clinical trials. We are always interested in hearing from sites who may be interested in participating in future studies.

Making the Connection

Our aim is to provide the framework for sponsors and investigators to establish successful clinical trial relationships. Since our inception, we have successfully partnered with numerous pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, both large and small, in the planning of clinical trials in a diverse range of indications. Engaging with Centrical can offer the possibility for investigator sites to participate in trials of novel therapeutics agents.

Connections with sponsors developing therapies in a wide array of indications

Working in partnership with you to achieve success

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